10 Simple Steps Towards Your Dream House

Building quality bungalow is always Kim Guan profession.

Whether you openly admit it to people or talk about it regularly, we all have our own ideas of what our dream property would consist of. However, the problem is that the dream we all have in our heads and the actual reality can differ quite rapidly.  If you aren’t sure what you are looking for, then the best thing that you can possibly do is start to look into some of the key steps you can take to ensure your bungalow construction is just what you dreamt of.

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Step 1 : Buy a Potential Land

Survey for a vacant empty residential bungalow land which suits to your preference based on your needs and demands.

kim guan build dream house

Step 2 : What’s The IDEAL?

Figure out the design ideal of your dream home by your own sense and living aspiration.

bungalow builder consultation

Step 3 : Expert Advice

Look around for an Architect and/or Design Architect, Engineer to draft the Ideal Home concept drawing by providing your IDEA.

approved bungalow plan

Step 4 : Authorities Approval

After the concept drawings has been finalised between the customer and Architect and/or Design Architect, Engineer the same shall be submitted to the relevant authority for approval.

bungalow tendering malaysia

Step 5 : Tender Process

Customer is encouraged to invite several construction companies to give the budgetary for the entire project base on the tender drawing and tender documents provided by the Architect. After which, the customers is in mind to appoint whom to carry out the ideal home by Letter of Award.

commencing work

Step 6 : Commencement of Work

Upon the submission drawing is approved by the relevant authorities and Letter of Award is given to the Main Contractor, the ideal home can be commenced by the ideal date by the customer.

bungalow progress meeting

Step 7 : Progress Meeting and Structure Formation

So as to ensure the movements of the site conditions, the customer is encouraged to participate in the entire monthly progress meeting. By this, the customer is also has the turning point to justified with the interior designer on the proposed architect finishes such as flooring finishes, door, window, sanitary fittings, furniture, colour, lightings, landscape, etc.

bungalow house construction process

Step 8 : Hand Over Upon Completion

The main contractor and all nominated sub-contractor (if any) shall handover the Ideal Home to the customer within the contract period. The main contractor will invite the Architect and all related parties to carry out a check list respectively to the Ideal Home. During the progress, architect will issue CCC and submit to authorities for endorsement process.

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Step 9 : Defects Liability Period

The defect liability period is normally 12 to 24 months after issuing of CPC from Architect. In the DLP process, Kim Guan is always ready to serve our client needs. This gives a good opportunity for us to fulfil our clients’ needs after the work completion. At the same time, our clients have the assurance that their bungalows are well-built with defects worry-free. 

bungalow house maintenance

Step 10 : Future Maintenance

Clients are advised to source for budgetary to maintain the Ideal Home. We provide various service and maintenance to meet client needs with just a simple call. Client does not need to worry about the future maintenance and renovation service which will be taken care of by us at Kim Guan.